Monday, 28 February 2011

Where Did February Go?

I can't believe this month is over already. I have put the work I have been able to do for this month’s tasks on this blog. Despite searching my local area and roping in my hubby with this I have found neither mullein nor burdock which is so disappointing as I love to get stuck into my tasks and want to learn about them, so if anyone knows of their whereabouts please let me know.
 In the meantime I have not been idle, I have strained my Four Thieves Vinegar and Fire Cider Vinegar. The Fire Cider Vinegar smells very powerful and the Four Thieves Vinegar is a beautiful red colour and should be antibacterial and antiviral. I have strained my Wild Cherry tincture; it has a faint cherry aroma and taste to it which I never expected as there was no hint of it in the bark. I am giving the Morello Cherry bark another week to compare with the Wild Cherry. I have also started an elderberry glycerite but as I had to use dried elderberries I’m not sure how successful it will be. I have not tried a glycerite before; if this works I want to mix it with the Wild Cherry bark tincture for a cough remedy. The Rosemary fairy left a big branch of Rosemary on my garden bench (Dad? Thanks x) and I made a big jar of Rosemary cider vinegar.
 I have been working a lot with my ally, dandelion and following Kristine Brown’s suggestions. I have taken dandelion infusion, looked up the actions of dandelion and dabbled with a bit of dandelion art. I have also looked into the properties of dandelion root. I do not have any dried dandelion to make vinegars, tinctures and oils but shall make these as more fresh plant becomes available. I shall post my dandelion work next.

 We have been allocated our plot at the allotment but it will be ploughed again at the beginning of March so we can’t do much with it yet which is frustrating. We have ordered three trees to go along the wall; Sweet Cherry, Apricot and Greengage and we are all chitting potatoes. I am making lists of herb and vegetable seeds I have and those I need to get and I have found a web site showing how to make plant pots out of toilet roll inners which can be planted straight into the earth when the seedlings are ready and I am going to use egg boxes in the same way.

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