Saturday, 7 May 2011

Two Little Angels And A Garden Of Fairies

There are still plenty of cheerful yellow dandelions around; their uplifting splashes of colour replaced the daffodils as they faded. Many dandelions are now in seed with their puffball heads full of “fairies”, ready to be carried off by the wind.
 This week I purchased The Herbal Medicine-Maker’s Handbook: A Home Manual by Michael Green which has a good section to encourage one to go and meditate with one’s herbal ally, listen to your plant and it may tell you the name it calls itself and what you may use it for. It is quite inspiring and made me think that maybe I was not connecting enough on an energetic level with my ally, the dandelion, as I haven’t been hearing anything.
 Yesterday I had my two little granddaughters for the day, Rebecca, four, and Freya coming up to two. We decided to have lunch in the garden, “a picnic”, as it was a nice day and I’m not bothered about two tots running round dropping food and knocking drinks over if we’re outside. In my untamed flower borders, dandelions are ruling the roost this year and the children started to pick them. Rebecca showed Freya how to blow the “clock” and send the fairies on their way; Freya struggled, got fluffy dandelion seeds stuck all round her mouth, gave up and started pulling them off with her fingers instead and humorously repeated this several times. I tried to show the girls how to tell the time by how many times you needed to blow to get rid of all the seeds and found it wasn’t as easy as I’d remembered from childhood and I needed a 24 hour clock! Rebecca is also a champion fairy catcher.
 When I looked back I thought I don’t always need to be in solitude and quiet, straining my ears and my consciousness. I don’t think yesterday’s dandelions cared what name we gave them, they invited us to have fun and be carefree and they are very clever, as thanks to our fairy clocks I’ll have another good crop to have fun with next year!

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