Saturday, 19 January 2013

Winter Solstice 2012

I'm late posting this but I wanted to share this little find. On the winter solstice I went to Glastonbury with a friend and we visited a small Templar chapel and alms houses.
St Margaret's Chapel
There is a lovely garden that has been restored and is sheltered with a wall around it.
We were so surprised on the 21st of December to find:
Rosemary in flower
A yellow rose in bloom
Alpine strawberry in fruit
I have had late flowering roses before but the little strawberries really amazed me. I'm not sure how common it is to have rosemary in flower in December but I haven't seen it before.


  1. what a wonderful garden! very surprising to see flowers and fruit at this time of year! thank you for sharing with us xxx

  2. Lovely pictures! I'm not surprised to see the rosemary flowering, nor the rose as the microclimate must be quite warm within the sheltered garden. Never seen an alpine strawberry so late - a very special place. (Or maybe it has caught the Glastonbury ethos. Where else can you see flowers and fruit on a hawthorn at the same time???)

  3. What a beautiful place...I love the little garden...I had a Mary Rose that was still blooming in Maine...that was a first for me...But like Sarah had a small micro climate that was condusive to its blooming...the strawberry was a surprise is so delicate..,.what a treat...I love your blog...


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